Saturday, July 23, 2011

Final Sign Up for Ravens 2018

The fifth and final FCCJC sign up is today Saturday, July 25th, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., out at the Heritage Football complex at 162nd and Pflumm. Last chance to sign up to play football before middle school ball starts next year!

We had eight more players register at the fourth registration, bringing us to 45 so far. The 4th grade teams are at 46 players to date, so the race is on. Four more of our new 6th grade players are brand new to tackle football!  I've sent out some e-mails to the various new and returning team members about dates, times, and equipment, so if you're planning to sign up but haven't, check with me to be brought up to speed. At the bottom of this post find a list of those that have signed up so far in FCCJC.

To get signed up for football, you need

  • Your son, for weigh-in and equipment fitting if renting
  • Proof of age and grade. This can be
    • His player card from a previous season, OR
    • A copy of his birth certificate and a copy of a grade card from this year
  • A credit card or check to pay the equipment rental fee ($60) at the sign up, if you will be renting equipment

You may optionally bring

  • Your own shoulder pads and helmet if you are not renting. They must be checked by FCCJC before you can practice wearing them.
  • An FCCJC Equipment Reimbursement Request form. If you are renting your equipment, and your family is suffering from financial hardship, you may be eligible for an equipment fee reimbursement. Turn in that filled out form with your rental check or credit card payment to apply for reimbursement.
  • Funds ($165) to pay the league fee (credit card or check) if you wish to pre-pay. You will still receive raffle tickets that you can sell to offset the league fee, but many parents prefer to pay at sign-up time. If you choose not to pay at this time, the league fee check must be turned in to your coach or team administrator by August 3rd.
  • Funds ($20) to pay for a physical examination at the sign up. You may also use your own doctor by getting them to fill out this physical form. The physical form is to be handed to the coach at or before the first practice.

Based on the other sign-ups, the lines really die down about 11:00 a.m. - you can pretty much get right through, very little waiting.

Signed Up 5/21

Trevor A
Thomas B
Jackson B
Peyton B
Colin B
Mitchell C
Tommy F
Will H
Hunter H
Grant H
Nile M
Jarid M
Parker M
Kawai P
Tyler R
Jared S
Ben W
Kyle W

Signed Up 6/11
Luke D
Alex D
Damon H
Michael N
Zach O

Signed Up 6/25
Eddie B
Alex B
Halen G
Brayden K
Jacob O
Hunter S

Signed Up 7/9
Ben H
Jake P
Jake E
Luke W

Signed Up 5/21
Jon B
Cody H
Logan I

Signed Up 6/11
Tyler F
Trevor J
Collin T

Signed Up 6/25
Logan B

Signed Up 7/9
Ben B
Noah G
Adonis K
Brandon Y

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