Scheduled Events


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The Black team has only five games scheduled. Because there are two Divisions of six teams, the Black team will play five games within their division and then cross division games for the last three to finish the season.

The Blue and White teams have an odd number of teams in their league, so will have 'Bye' weeks and finish up one week later. For the Blue team, there is no game the weekend of 9/17. For the White team, October 15th is the weekend without a game.

In the first section below is a combined schedule for the FCCJC teams. Coach Swinford's BV league team is listed in the second section. The word "at" means we are the visitor, and may be required to change to our white jerseys. For FCCJC parents, sit to the scoreboard. If we are Home, sit on the side of the scoreboard that shows the score for the Home team.

FCCJC Combined Schedule

Saturday September 10  2:00 pm  8 Black at SMN
Sunday   September 11  1:00 pm  8 Blue     BVW
Sunday   September 11  3:00 am  8 White    OE

Saturday September 17 10:00 am  7 Black    SME
Saturday September 17 10:00 am  5 White at BVNW

Saturday September 24 10:00 am  7 Blue  at Paola
Saturday September 24 12:00 pm  8 Black at BVW
Saturday September 24  6:00 pm  7 White    BVW

Saturday October   01 12:00 pm  8 Black    Gardner
Saturday October   01  2:00 pm  7 White    SMS-Gold
Sunday   October   02  3:00 pm  8 Blue     OE

Saturday October   08 10:00 am  4 Black at SMNW
Saturday October   08  2:00 pm  7 Blue  at SME

Sunday   October   09  1:00 pm  7 White    Paola 

Saturday October   15  TBD      ? Black    TBD
Saturday October   15  6:00 pm  7 Blue     OS

Saturday October   22  8:00 am  7 White at SME
Saturday October   22 10:00 am  7 Blue  at SMW
Saturday October   22  TBD      ? Black    TBD

Saturday October   29  TBD      ? Black    TBD
Saturday October   29  2:00 pm  7 Blue     SMS Gold
Sunday   October   30  1:00 pm  8 White    OS

Saturday November   5 10:00 am 7 White    SMW 
Saturday November   5  2:00 pm 8 Blue  at SMS Green

BV Swinford Schedule

Saturday September 10  4:00 pm  Legacy 3  at Gardner
Sunday   September 18 10:00 am  BVW          Talley
Saturday September 24  4:00 pm  BVSW      at Mark Willson
Saturday October    1  2:00 pm  LaCynge   at Scott
Sunday   October    9  8:00 am  BVSW         Thomas
Saturday October   15  4:00 pm  BVSW         Behrndt
Sunday   October   23 12:00 pm  Olathe N.    Bendure
Sunday   October   30  2:00 pm  Olathe N.    Rice
Saturday November   5  2:00 pm  BVSW      at Marcus Wilson